Away from Message Boards, for Now: Addendum

Alright.  I should come clean.  I’m also losing interest in message boards because they eat up time and because I’m now just under seven months away from my target date for comprehensive exams.  I’m scared to death of those things.



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3 responses to “Away from Message Boards, for Now: Addendum

  1. Testy a little aren’t we…

    Gosh… and pushy with the comments.

    I actually jumped on Ooze today to see if there was any posting fall-out of your quiet exit but I didn’t see any. Did you make any reference on the Ooze as to your departure.

    But as I said before, I have all but given up. I go through surges where I’m interested again… but they don’t last long. It just saps so much time… and I’m already way behind (3 weeks… which is nothing compared to Milligan days) on my reading for my Reformation class.


  2. For me, I’m fine spending time online (it’s a nice break from studying for comps that actually exercises the writing parts of my brain), but the tit-for-tat character of message board communication just doesn’t seem adequate any more to what I’m trying to do.

    At this point my own mind is more focused on article-length (or longer) writing and classroom in-person interaction than it is trying to do real dialectic in a message board.

  3. And to answer your actual question, I didn’t post any exit message at the Ooze. I figure folks who are curious can find my reasoning here.

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