Curriculum Vitae

Nathan P. Gilmour

Department of English, University of Georgia


Candidate for Ph.D, English, University of Georgia (Athens, GA, 2005-present)

Dissertation: Ethical Succession

Comprehensive Exams Completed May 2008

Certificate for Teaching Portfolio

GPA 3.99

Master of Arts, English, University of Georgia (Athens, GA, 2002-04)

Thesis: Theological Dramatics: Two Case Studies

GPA 4.0

Master of Arts in Religion, Emmanuel School of Religion (Johnson City, TN, 1999-2002)

Thesis: Visionary Imagination

GPA 3.96

Bachelor of Arts, Magna Cum Laude, Milligan College (Milligan College, TN, 1995-99)

English and Humanities majors, Bible minor

GPA 3.9

Awards and Honors

University of Georgia Teaching Assistantship, 2003-04 and 2005-present

Member, Modern Language Association, 2006-present

Member, Theta Phi Theological Studies Honor Society, 2002-present

American Bible Society Academics and Ministry Award, 2001

Research Assistantship, Emmanuel School of Religion, 2000-02

English Department Award, Milligan College, 1999

Humanities Department Award, Milligan College, 1997

Conferences and Publications

“Suspicion and Sisterhood.” In Out of the Ooze: Love Letters to the Church. Colorado Springs, CO: NavPress, 2007.

“Of Devils and Mirrors: Michael Radford’s Merchant of Venice.” Popular Culture Association/American Culture Association National Conference, Atlanta, GA, 2006.

“Ezekiel’s Temple Visions as Survival Literature.” American Comparative Literature Association National Conference, San Diego, CA, 2003.

Teaching Experience

University of Georgia Athens, GA

2002-03 and 2005-present

Teacher of Record, Teaching Assistant rank, English Department

Emmanuel College Franklin Springs, GA

Spring 2005

Adjunct Instructor, English and Communications Departments

Milligan College Milligan College, TN


Adjunct Instructor, Humanities Department

Courses Taught

ENGL 1101 Introduction to Composition, Special Topics: Plato and Boethius

UGA, Fall 2006-08

ENGL 1102 Introduction to Composition, Special Topics: Hebrew Bible and/as


UGA, Spring 2006-08

ENG 235 American Literature I

Emmanuel College Associate’s Degree Program, Spring 2005

CM 130 Oral Communication

Emmanuel College Associate’s Degree Program, Spring 2005

CM 130 Oral Communication

Emmanuel College, Spring 2005

ENGL 1101 Introduction to Composition

UGA, Fall 2003 and 2005

ENGL 1102 Introduction to Composition

UGA, Spring 2004

HUMN 101-102 Introduction to Humanities, Writing Component

Milligan College, 2000-01

Other Professional Experience

Library Assistant, Bogart Public Library, 2002-present

Master of Education Thesis Consultant, Milligan College, 1998-2002

Manager, Restoration Movement Archive Collection, Emmanuel School of Religion, 2002

Graduate Assistant to Dr. Fred Norris, Christian Doctrine and Church History Departments, Emmanuel School of Religion, 2000-02

Humanities Tutor, Milligan College, 1996-99

Academic Service

Guest Speaker, New TA Orientation, English Department, UGA, 2007 and 2008. Topic: Grading as a Teaching Practice.

Guest Speaker, ENGL 2310, University of Georgia. Topic: English Bibles and Protestant Reformations.

Founding Member, Early Modern Union of Scholars (EMUS), University of Georgia, Spring 2007-present.

Guest Speaker, ENGL 6911: Teaching Practicum, University of Georgia, Fall 2006. Topic: Teaching Philosophical Texts in Composition Classes.

Textbook Selection Committee, First Year Composition, University of Georgia, Spring 2004.

Admissions Committee, Emmanuel School of Religion, 2000-01.

Church and Other Community Service

Adult Sunday School Teacher, Pulpit Service, Teen Bible Study Teacher, Athens Christian Church, October 2007-present

Educational Minister and Interim Choir Director, Bogart Christian Church, January-August 2007

Deacon, Adult Sunday School Teacher, Pulpit Service, Adult Bible Study Teacher, Bogart Christian Church, 2003-07

Adult Sunday School Teacher, Galilee Christian Church, Jefferson, GA, 2002-03

Assistant Preacher, West Main Street Christian Church, Johnson City, TN, 2000-02

Teen Sunday School Teacher, Pulpit Service, Youth Group Sponsor, West Main Street Christian Church, 1995-2002


Biblical Hebrew, Koine Greek, Old English, Latin, Spanish


7 responses to “Curriculum Vitae

  1. Nate, how come your GPA’s are all so low? 🙂

  2. Sloth and dissipation, best I can tell. 🙂

  3. amberpeace

    Your CV reminds me why I’m still posting a “work resume” – because mine would only be two lines.
    So many years of school left…

  4. Ah, mine’s nothing special. I still have miles to go.

  5. Nathan, you’re a monster.

  6. Well, I’m still a small monster in a world populated by giant monsters. That’s why I’m up before five every morning. If I don’t want it more than the others, I’m not going to be able to compete with the others.

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