Job Movie Project: Day Two

The last five groups presented their ideas for Job movies today. We laughed. We cried. We hurled. (Folks my age will get that last bit.) Votes have already started coming in for the favorite Job movie, so here are the last five synopses:

  • Joe B. Good: Two movie theater ushers, discovering that they have acquired the ability to manipulate events inside the world of the movie, begin to torment Joe, a successful and pious man who was supposed to be the male lead in an inspirational-type movie. Oh, and Joe’s world is entirely animated in Sims graphics.
  • Shadow of the Day: In a story inspired both by Job and by Boethius, Jonathan, a pious man who loses everything largely due to the machinations of terrorists, ponders his own attachments to those things most prone to loss, and after having a conversation with God and Satan, who in this world take regular walks through Central Park in New York City, he remains faithful to the (sometimes) invisible God, rendering him worthy of the reward that comes to him.
  • Job the Cucumber: In a Pickle: Watch the trailer. (Please do not click on what youtube’s search engine thinks is a related video.) Veggie Tales meets Monty Python and the Holy Grail meets Job. The death of Job’s children happens in a scene featuring a blender, and Job’s eventual restoration results in a supermarket’s produce section. In between, some almost-epic green screen work got the whole class roaring.
  • In the Land of the Living: Watch the trailer.  Jake, a young man who enlisted after the September 11 attacks, finds himself, two years later, on prison duty at a soon-to-be-famous prison in Iraq. When the Abu Ghraib scandal threatens America’s reputation, a brutal general rounds up Jake and the other prison guards and begins a brutal interrogation to stop the story before it becomes a problem. After steadfastly refusing to admit to tortures that he did not administer, another soldier who was one of the torturers turns himself in, exonerating Jake and allowing him to return to America and to his wife.
  • Stranger than Scripture: Things just are not going right for Joe, a good dude, as his girlfriend runs off on him, a church bus hits him, and his landlord evicts him.  Going on a journey to try to find the meaning of all this, Joe visits a drinking buddy, then a psychologist, then a television psychic, never finding a real answer.  Interestingly, this group did not write an ending, preferring instead to promise an ending if the class elects it to be the Job Movie Project winner.

So those are this year’s candidates.  I’ve already received five votes for the best movie in each section, and no two votes were for the same movie, a testament, I think, to the quality of the field.  If I can get the groups’ permission, you, O readers, might be seeing the proposal documents for the winners in just nine short days.


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