An Early and Un-Sophisticated Review of Google Chrome

I read about this project in WIRED magazine with some enthusiasm; after all, I’ve been using gmail since early in the “gmail invites” days, play on Google Earch with abandon, use Google’s security package until AVG improved on it, and organize all of my Micah pics on Picasa (and upload them through Picasa’s web albums).  Just about every Google product I’ve used has been a winner, and from what I read about Chrome, it was not going to be the exception.

Were I a different sort of user, I might still be an all-in Google enthusiast.  Chome is fast, it’s clean, and its “most used pages” default for new tabs is nice.  I’ve only had one tab crash while using Chrome, and the programmers didn’t lie when they predicted that it wouldn’t affect the other tabs’ performance in the slightest.  Oh, and I have to admit that undocking gmail and using it outside the browser was cool.

Unfortunately, I’ve just been using Firefox too long to change just yet.  I have too many bookmarks that are close to each other, and waiting for Chrome’s one-bar interface to parse them got to be irritating.  I often log in to coffee shop and university wireless servers, and the opening choose-nine page doesn’t play nicely with such servers.  And I just like having my list of recently visited sites ready-to-hand.

So in sum, it’s me, not you, Chrome.  I’m just not part of the hip WIRED set, even if ever before I were.  I’m going back to the ‘Fox.


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