Opening Day, Spring 2009

I made a curious error planning for yesterday: I assumed that freshman comp students would be less chatty than they were, and I assumed that sophomore English and other humanities majors would be more so.  I suppose people are more alike than sometimes I think.

In both classes, yesterday was largely the day when I passed out syllabi; talked about textbooks and assignments and such; and conducted opening sorties into our fields.  Tuesday, when both classes ostensibly have to read something, will be the test.  Next Thursday, when both classes are doing full-length reading assignments, will be the day that tests my own mettle.  I’ll have to read and prep for both classes well ahead of time, then switch gears immediately between 10:45 and 11:00 from Christopher Marlowe to Jean-Jacques Rousseau, from John Donne to Adam Smith, from Mary Wollstonecraft to John Milton.    Whether or not it shows on my CV, I know I’m going to be a stronger teacher come May.


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