Who Gets Paid?

The same political faction that was clamoring to preserve the part of a financial sector bailout package that keeps CEO salaries as high as CEO’s can manage, unhindered by the will of the plebs, mere months ago, is now blocking an auto industry bailout because they don’t want union workers making any more money than non-union workers.  Wealth, Labor.

I’m generally not the sort to strike people or even say overtly mean things, but I am going to shake my head in amused disbelief the next time somebody tells me that “conservatives” don’t like the nation’s “elites.”  It’s not even a clandestine class war any more: when it’s the billionaires, one faction wants unlimited tax dollars going their way.  When it’s auto workers, the same faction won’t budge until they can break up one of working people’s only sources of political and economic influence.  Wealth, Labor.

This is not hard.



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8 responses to “Who Gets Paid?

  1. Jonathan

    I always find it odd that anyone who makes over $200,000 gets lumped in with the billionaires. The UAW also has the big 3 by the balls. There needs to be some major changes. I was against the first bailout and I’m leaning towards being against this one too. I think you make the mistake of confusing Republicans with conservatives though. And let’s not pretend that conservative hate the poor or unwealthy. I’m actually reading a book right now by Ross Douthat that called The Grand New Party: How Republicans Can Win The Working Class And Save The American Dream. I only just started it but it’s been good so far. He’s already started dismantling the argument that’s been put forth by Thomas Frank and others.

  2. I hardly think that any big corporations’ CEO’s are making $200K.

    If by “hate” you mean “experience negative emotions when beholding,” then you’re probably right. I wouldn’t want to be the one to judge such things. If, however, by “hate” you mean “do hateful things to,” then I disagree. I’ve read a bit of Thomas Frank, but that Big Business wants to keep workers from becoming a middle class (and wants to get them back to proletariat status once they’ve become a middle class) is an insight at least as old as Big Business itself and goes back, by analogy, at least to Republican Rome. (Back then they were the patricians and the plebs.)

    I generally don’t make distinctions between Conservatives and Republicans, just as I don’t make much of a distinction between Communists and Soviets. I tend to be suspicious of systems that idealize themselves for the sake of avoiding real-world responsibility for the damage they wreak.

  3. 1) I’m sure Douthat’s first step in winning the working class is blaming one of its largest and most successful representative organizations for the potential loss of millions of jobs.

    2)What’s the working class? Are they the people who shop primarily at Wal-mart for everything? Cause the Republicans already have most of them.

    3)Neither the Republicans nor the rest of us would be in this position if Trickle-Down economics was worth even as much as the bar napkin on which it was allegedly first conceived. At least a napkin can clean up a mess.

    Blame Reagan.

  4. Jonathan

    Ah, blame Reagan. 🙂 That brings a smile to my face. I didn’t hear many people saying that in the 90’s when the economy was great. Clinton seemed to be getting much of the praise then. It is amusing that people are actually trying to blame this on Reagan though.

    Many people don’t like Trickle-Down econmics but they don’t realize that when you heavily tax the ‘wealthy’ (yes scare tactics are appropriate because there is a big difference between a small business owner making 200K and a CEO of a big business making billions) that it usually comes back to bite everyone else in the ass too.

    I wouldn’t put all of the blame on the unions. They get some of it though. They share it with the corporations for making products that people don’t want. Also, part of the blame goes to our politicians who are responsible for our trade policies.

    I also don’t think that conservatives want to keep people from making it into the middle-class. I know I don’t. I actually see the Democrats doing that. They make out better by keeping poor people and the downtrodden on welfare so that they continue to come back to suck on the teet of the Democratic party. I also do think it’s important to make a distinction between Republicans and conservatives. While there are GOPers who are conservative there are also an alarming number of GOPers who are not conservative. Hopefully that will change though. Big problems always seem to arise when people confuse the two.

    I wouldn’t be so quick to write of Ross Douthat. He doesn’t spout off typical RNC talking points.

  5. Oh, I completely agree that both bailouts could have been avoided if each industry had not overspecialized and made sound business practices. But that didn’t happen, so . . . here we are. I also agree with you that the first bailout should have never happened. But it did, so the idea that we’ll give tax money to one industry (becasue they made terrible business choices and are screwed because of them) and not do the same for another . . . and then use the same reason to justify it . . . well, that’s a bit inconsistent.

    Please, enlighten me on how not taxing the wealthy at the same rate as the middle class has worked out so well for us all.

  6. Jonathan

    So, where do the bailouts stop then? Since we had one that means that the government can never say no to another one again?

    Also, I wish the wealthy were taxed at the same rate as the middle class but that’s not the way it is. Obviously, the ‘wealthy’ and middle-class are taxed at different rates. The wealthy pays way more taxes than anyone else. The small business owners will be the ones that are hurt the worst. I’d rather everyone just be able to keep more of their money. Personally, I’m in favor of the Fair Tax.

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