Another Day Playing Dad

Here I am, another day of grading and dissertating and everything else lost.  My boy’s got the barking cough, the croup, whatever you call it, along with a fever, and I’ve been home with a contagious but very active boy all day.  If one of the colleges to which I applied offers me a gig that’s contingent on my finishing the Ph.D by August 2009 I can force myself into yet one more superhuman effort, but I should have known when Dr. Teague told me so that there ain’t no shame in working two years on the dissertation.



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2 responses to “Another Day Playing Dad

  1. “. . . I can force myself into yet one more Sisyphean effort”

    Edited for accuracy.

  2. If there’s a job on the line, I’ll hold the rock in place with one hand and dig a crater on top of the hill with the other. I did seminary (and a Master’s thesis) while working three jobs and planning a wedding; if I need to, I’ll cut back to one job, take out a student loan, and make this thing happen.

    Assuming that no college forces me into that, I’ll happily remain human and take the standard two years.

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