Changing Subscriptions

For several years now I’ve been reading every month’s Harper’s magazine, and I’ve lost no confidence in that publication.  Digesting its substantial essays every month not only gave me food for thought but reminded me that there are in fact liberal media in the United States, and Harper’s is one such liberal medium.  Knowing that gave me some critical purchase on all of the so-called liberal media that are out there (i.e. everything that’s not AM radio and Fox News) and on the media that more or less trumpeted the GOP party line.  (That’s not AM radio or Fox News, of course–they’re independent-minded.  Just ask ’em.)

That said, I got an offer to subscribe to the Atlantic for two years for twenty bucks, and I just couldn’t pass the offer up.  (A seven-dollar-an-issue magazine for a buck a pop?  Sure.  Sign me up.)  I’ll admit that I’m apprehensive about returning to P.J. O’Rourke and Andrew Sullivan and more generally to a magazine that’s more pro-big-business than Harper’s, but I got the first issue a couple days ago, and I quite enjoyed the interesting articles on Jim Carrey, the Wall Street bust, and the Twilight novels.  And if two years pass and I’m ready to go back to the more-liberal medium, if magazines still exist, I imagine Harper’s might be one of them.


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  1. Jonathan

    Tell me how you like it. While I can’t stand Andrew Sullivan I do try to read Ross Douthat’s blog over at The Atlantic whenever I remember. I sometimes read Marc Ambinder’s as well.

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