Election Results

No, not the electoral college and all that.  The congregation of Athens Christian has elected me deacon.  I start serving the next time the elders and deacons assemble.

That’s all for today.  Papers to grade and all.



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5 responses to “Election Results

  1. What are they going to do when they realize you didn’t go to Vandy?

  2. I’d have gotten the joke had you said Wake Forest, but the Vandy reference went right over my head. I’ll only ask the sort of clemency that one gives to graders of freshman papers.

  3. Robert

    May God have mercy on the good people of Athens Christian Church.

  4. Um, yeah, Vandy . . . the Commodores . . . Wake Forest . . . the Demon Deacons. Wow; I screwed that quip up a bit, didn’t I? They’ve both got gold uniforms at least, right?

    60 papers to grade by Thursday, but I think this is a definite sign that I need to put down the pencil for a moment or two. And then, I should look over the last several I’ve graded. Yikes.

  5. Naw, man. Never put down the pencil. Over the top, lads!

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