Good Visit Overall

Well, I’m back from Emmanuel College and back from church.  Today has been the most anxious day I’ve had in some time–I’ve given conference papers and seminar presentations before, but those just weren’t the same sort of critter–I knew going in today that a job could be on the line, that I’d be talking to a room full of professors from all disciplines, that I’d be lecturing outside of any of my specialties (and that’s saying something).  The room was warmer than I would have liked–the weather is warmer than usual this week–and I was dripping sweat by the time I got halfway through my presentation.  Nonetheless, I still think my material was strong in its own right, and I feel good about my end of things.  Now I just have to wait for a couple things to fall into place–whether or not the college is going to approve the funding for the position and whether or not a rhetoric person sweeps in and picks it up.  After waiting on this for two years, I’ll admit that the prospect of some 24-year-old MA gobbling it up makes me a little ill, but I do have to concede that I am, after all, applying out of my specialty.

Tomorrow my Boethius class is going to seem downright cozy–the folks in the seats will be a decade my junior, the material will be familiar ground for me, and I won’t be auditioning for a job.  I know that today was good for me, potentially very good, but I’m glad to go back for a spell to my familiar domain.


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