One More Election Day Thought

Of course, I’m going to be posting later today about Boethius class, but for those of you reading in the morning, I’ve got one more brief thought on the ’08 election cycle:

How cool would it have been had Bill Ayers and crew taken a different phrase from the Dylan song to name their radical group in the sixties?  Perhaps the AM radio hosts would be raging even now about how one of the candidates had been consorting with a Handle Vandal.

Can you imagine the political ads about the hairy-palmed buddies of the other party’s candidate?  I think it would have made for a more amusing election season if nothing else.

Oh, and for those of you who remember my little poll, it was the McCain campaign that sent an advertisement to my home.

Oh, and if you’re one who prays, pray for me tomorrow–I’m teaching a rather important session.


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One response to “One More Election Day Thought

  1. Adrienne

    “Bad cough”

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