Chips on the Table

Perhaps I’m just slow on the draw, but it’s finally dawned on me, emotionally, that in four days I’m going to be talking to a group of faculty and trying out for a real job.  I knew it, of course, and I’ve even spent some time preparing the session, but when I looked at a calendar that said November, I realized that I’m really, really close.

The good news is that I’ve mostly recovered my voice (leading such an important session with laryngitis would have been a bummer), and I’ve got most of this round of freshman papers graded.  I feel good about the lesson plan I’m cooking up (I’m going to revise it again, of course, between now and Wednesday), and I feel like I’ve geared it towards a faculty group–that is to say, I’m aiming at people with brains to spare but precious little free time.  The bad news is that, between preparations for this presentation and paper-grading and burnout in general (I’ve actually been playing a spot of Madden, wallowing in self-pity as I recovered from a miserable cold), I’ve gotten little work on the dissertation done this week.  Ah, well.  When Thursday rolls around, I should be done both with the job talk and with grading, and I can get back on the rails in a hurry.



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3 responses to “Chips on the Table

  1. I’m sure that you have nothing at all to worry about and that it’s probably good for you to have been blase about the interview.

    Good luck!

  2. Robert

    Good luck, good sir.

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