Some time between my turning the laptop off this morning to get Micah ready for school and my sitting down at Panera to grade a couple papers before going to work at Bogart Library, the site’s hit counter went over ten thousand.  I’m in the five-digit club, it seems.

Now I know full well that the big boys in the blogosphere get ten thousand hits every couple hours, but I know even better that people who visit the big boys wouldn’t even be marginally interested in the things I write about.  So right now I thank the folks who read faithfully and who keep coming back to see what the wannabe-Thomist English teacher has to say for the day.  I’m no aestheticist, so I won’t pretend that I’d keep writing just for the beauty of my own prose; I’m writing for you folks who read the blog, and it’s for you that I keep thinking about how to make it better.  (My first step will be a cessation of 10-part series; that experiment is over, and it didn’t work.)

Since this post is a relatively personal one, I’ll go ahead and relay some good news from Gilmour world: the job at Emmanuel College for which I first applied in 2006 and which the school decided not to fund last year (when I was, as far as I can tell, one of the top prospects) is back on the table in budget meetings, and I’m headed out there November 5 to teach a session of the Composition Culture Fellows, the faculty training program that, if hired, I’ll be heading up.  It’s not an official campus visit, as funding for the position is not 100% solid yet, but it is a campus visit, and I can’t help but hope that a good performance on my part might help the money flow more freely.  Here’s hoping.



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2 responses to “10K

  1. Best of luck, “DND” Gilmour.

  2. Deal No Death?
    Dungeons N Dragons?
    Do No Damage?

    What in the cat hair is DND?

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