Amazing what Operational Hardware Does

For the last year or so I’ve been experiencing problems with my laptop–sometimes I had to turn the computer off for the battery to charge, and other times I had to boot it up, plug it in, then turn it off.  I figured I was just dealing with an old, tired battery.  But then the laptop stopped acknowledging AC power at all, and I figured at that point it couldn’t be the battery.

I started inspecting the AC adaptor and realized, to my great dismay, that not only had a full inch of the rubber casing broken down where the cord hit the transformer but that several segments of wire were hanging out in open space. The electricity, it would seem, could not both leak into the ether and produce enough pressure to charge a battery.

So I stopped at Batteries Plus this morning (they open at 8:00, good for working people, unlike the slovenly 10:00 when Best Buy and Circuit City open), and the good gentleman behind the counter looked at my laptop for about five seconds, dashed over to the laptop accessory display, and pulled an adaptor that is now charing up my laptop, while I blog, at a rate I haven’t enjoyed for some time.  (In fact, it got my battery from 40% capacity to full in just a bit under the 30 minutes that I’ve been answering student emails and blogging at Panera Bread.)  It ran me sixty bucks plus tax, but I do have to give three cheers for the good folks at Batteries Plus and for my computer’s renewed lease on life.  It appears that I might just finish this dissertation on this low-end 2005 Compaq machine.


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