No Opinion on Friday’s Debate Yet

I didn’t have the energy or the patience to watch the debate, but I am planning on reading the transcript at some point.  (That’s how I got the Rick Warren forum as well–and it makes one notice more than ever how obsessed TV news companies are with the performance elements–in a text, one’s posture and degree of animation just don’t matter.)  I did catch a few minutes of the middle while getting another episode of 30 Days ready to play (that’s when I realized I’d forgotten to watch it in the first place), and I was pleased to see that Barack Obama has been reading my blog.

No, really.

Behold this post, in which, four years ago, I suggested that Kerry take the time and effort to make clear exactly what his “I voted for it before I voted against it” meant, in the hopes that the actual facts might help his case.  In that case, Kerry voted against a funding bill that put the war on Mr. Bush’s credit card (that is to say, the tax burden of my son’s generation) but for a version that required America’s wealthiest to return their presents to Santa Bush and used those funds to pay for the war.  He never took my advice, and I have to imagine that’s because he did not have the time to read my blog.  Since Obama has (or at the very least one of his high-level staffers), I think I can claim some credit if he goes on to win.  After all, when McCain accused him, as Bush’s people accused Kerry four years ago, of voting against war funding, he immediately replied that he voted not against the funding per se but against a version that left the war open-ended (perhaps for McCain’s hundred years) and for one that actually set expectations for how the war progresses to its finish.

So, Senator, if you do win, may I suggest that you take some of the money you save after you end Mr. Bush’s War in Iraq and…

Oh, never mind.  He’s got to find some way to pay off Mr. Bush’s $700 billion in new debts as well.  So I suppose I’ll just have to be content seeing some of Mr. Bush’s credit cards paid off and some of the glory for providing Mr. Obama some campaign advice.

Keep reading, Obama.  You know you love my blog.  You haven’t mentioned it in the emails you send me every few days (I actually cancelled my subscription after you picked Biden over Bayh, but I’m hard to get over, I know), but I know you’re reading.



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2 responses to “No Opinion on Friday’s Debate Yet

  1. I’ve been wondering why senators didn’t reply to suggestions that they “voted against” this or that with the truth about senatorial proceedings.

    I suspect the reason heretofore is that it is a complicated procedure and our candidates have doubted our ability to understand it.

  2. Perhaps. Or perhaps they fear even more the charges of “elitism” that might come from evidence of actually understanding procedure.

    As I noted in a previous post on election-year commonplaces, the designation “most liberal Senator” also seems a hair squirrelly–Senators earn “liberal points” not only for voting in ethics reform bills and such but also for voting to initiate debate on amendments to versions of bills. But since somebody claims to have compiled statistics, it becomes gospel truth (even if the “most liberal Senator” every four years just happens to be the one running for president).

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