Colbert Clip

Cornel West Interview

Normally I don’t post video links, but this was just too wonderful not to share.  Yes, it was last night’s show–give me a break.  I don’t stay up near late enough for the new episodes.

I love the Cornel West that I’ve read, and he’s amazing on television.  I’m still jealous that, as an undergrad, my little brother got to sit in on a round table discussion with him.  And best of all, he’s got such wicked rhetorical moves that I’ve seen him leave Bill Maher unable to respond.  And that’s saying something.  Watching him trade licks with Stephen Colbert is just too fun to watch only once.

At any rate, do watch the clip–if I posted it, you know it’s got to have something going for it.  I never post videos.



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2 responses to “Colbert Clip

  1. Jared Nelson

    You have to admit it is a little funny that West doesn’t know the definition of arsonist.

  2. I might be giving him too much credit, but I think he was in “disagree with the Colbert character” mode so completely that when Stephen dropped one of his ironic jabs at McCain, West was already into his next riff before he realized what had happened.

    Like I said, Colbert is no slouch himself in a verbal exchange.

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