Overheard at Panera Bread Sunday Morning

“If Obama were running against Adolf Hitler, I’d vote for Hitler.  That’s right.  Adolf Hitler.”

Now I’m not saying that this sixty-ish woman is typical of the average McCain supporter.  After all, the conversation to the booth next to me (I couldn’t help but overhear–Mary was in line for an extra bagel, and Micah was actually eating his breakfast peacefully) quickly turned to the fact that these senior citizens were stockpiling firearms in their homes so that, when the inevitable Black revolution that will follow Obama’s inauguration starts, they can shoot plenty of Black people.

By the way, please note that I don’t consider such things typical of McCain supporters.  To attribute sociopathic tendencies to the whole lot of ’em based on a sample of three (one speaker and two who immediately agreed) would be dishonest and stupid.  Public service announcement over.

Anyway, I don’t have any real philosophical work to do with that; I just had to put it up here.  Mary and Micah and I usually grab some bagels and coffee for an inexpensive breakfast before church.  I almost asked those folks which church they attend so that I can steer friends away from it, but I didn’t ask.  I’d rather not assume that the whole congregation is like that.  I’m just trying, with limited success, to deal with the fact that folks who think that way were sitting that close to me on a Sunday morning.  But I can’t bring myself to say anything about those folks themselves, only reminders (mainly to myself) that they’re not typical Republicans or Southerners or anything like that, though my third-party, Hoosier soul longs to put them into all the categories that annoy me most often.  Perhaps I’m becoming one of those academics who can’t deal with crazy.  Oh wait.  I haven’t explained that phenomenon to my good blog readers.  I sense a future post coming…



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10 responses to “Overheard at Panera Bread Sunday Morning

  1. That’s so absurd, it doesn’t even make me sad or mad; it just makes me laugh. To think about why they would say something like that would be to give it more thought than they have.

  2. I don’t know; they’ve gone to the trouble of pre-ordering some fairly extensive arsenals, unless they were just blowing smoke for that part of the conversation.

    I suppose I thought those things only happened west of the Mississippi.

  3. Jonathan

    Yikes, man!

  4. Yeah, that’s about what I said, and that’s what bothers me–I feel like I should have something more compelling to say than “Yikes.” It seems like someone who does what I do should have something more intelligent to say, but I don’t.

  5. The chances are pretty good that these people already had guns, and they’re using racism to excuse that stockpile.

    Incidentally, you might have been sitting next to some of my relatives.

  6. Jonathan

    I agree, Nate. I thought for a minute of something to say but that was the best I could come up with. It’s weird. I’ve reading more and more articles lately by african-americans saying how there will be race riots if Obama doesn’t win. I just hope that whoever wins that both the black and white racists in this country will chill out and not do anything stupid. I think that most people are not like that but it only takes a small amount of people to cause trouble. Let’s hope that the cooler heads will prevail.

  7. Jonathan

    On the matter on guns, no body needs an excuse to own guns. The 2nd amendment covers that. 🙂 😛

  8. Even in the absence of legal prohibition one might want to have an excuse. It’s not unlike carrying a condom in one’s wallet–no laws against it, but one might want to articulate a reason for doing so if one wants to be honest.

  9. Jonathan

    Yeah, but racism isn’t the reason that people own guns…at least not for about 99.9% of gun owners.

  10. Well, you were talking about legal prohibitions, and I was talking about reasons. And El Ick wasn’t talking about statistics. He was talking about the folks eating bagels and predicting race wars.

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