To the Circus

We had a good evening yesterday–the Cole Brothers Circus was in town, so armed with discount tickets but forgetting my camera, we set out for the farmland south of Watkinsville, and we had a late (for us) but enjoyable evening.  The show started with three motorcyclists riding about in a twelve-foot-diameter sphere all at once and finished in grand style with a human cannonball act, and in between, though some of the animal acts ran longer than they should have (camels don’t do tricks, and seeing them march in formation to Arab pop music is only entertaining for about half as long as that act actually was), overall the circus is still fun, and especially so with a three-year-old next to you.

Micah, of course, was immediately drawn to the blinking sword-trinkets that ambulatory vendors kept carrying up and down the aisles, and I knew as soon as he cried out for one that, when Mary took him to the bathroom during intermission, they would come back with one in hand.  He’s sitting next to me right now, blinky sword in hand.


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