Good Sports Weekend… Not that I Watched

Zambrano Pitches First Cubs No-Hitter since 1972

Colts Defeat Vikings 18-15

The Cubs play Houston in Milwaukee and make history, and the Colts barely pull one out.  I think they’re both good signs.  The last time the Colts had an ugly, ugly regular season, they came alive in the playoffs (and won Indy’s only Superbowl), and Zambrano has been flirting with a no-hitter for a while now, and I’m glad he finally has one.

I realize that by the time Micah and any other kids we might have are old enough to sit through a football game, much less a baseball game, Manning’s going to be on his way out (but then again, look at Favre), and this configuration of the Cubbies that’s doing so well is going to be long gone.  But I still enjoy reading about such things the next morning, when Micah is still asleep, and right now that’s enough for me.

In Micah’s first three years I’ve not been the sort of father who claims three hours on the couch every Sunday as a sort of inalianable right, and frankly, I enjoy playing with Micah more than I do watching sports on TV anyway, so I imagine that, while I’ll get back into such things a few years down the line (unless I become a public library hound like the ones in Bogart), reading about such things the morning after will do me just fine for the time being.



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2 responses to “Good Sports Weekend… Not that I Watched

  1. Jonathan

    This was a pretty good sports weekend for me too. The Phils swept the Brewers which has pulled them even in the Wild Card chase. Also, the Eagles play the Cowboys tonight.

  2. Jonathan

    Man, that was a frustrating game to watch for me.

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