A Blog Without a Home

I spent a bit of time this afternoon looking at some of the blogs in the theology blogosphere, the place where people wax eloquent about aesthetics and ontology and Slavoj Zizek.  Then I browsed some GodBlogs, those strongholds of evangelicalism, mostly with a Reformed bent.  Then I looked at a couple biblical studies blogs.  Then I came back and looked at my own.  I have links to all of those, but I’m not any of them.

Fact of the matter is that this little project isn’t likely to evolve into any of the above, mainly because I’ve got one foot in each of those worlds without really living in any.  (Yes, I’ve got three feet.)  I suppose my participation on CRM makes me part of the GodBlogOSphere, but Hardly the Last Word remains a kind of electronic diary, not focused enough to warrant inclusion in any of the real blog communities.

I’m not trying to claim any sort of martyrdom for that fact; I was just thinking about it.


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