Why do I still Ooze-lurk?

I know it’s only going to irk me sore.

The Ooze Forums

On one hand, I do appreciate that occasionally, when I indulge, I see nice things said about Andrew (Windblown) and myself.  On the other, I more often run into threads that remind me why I got out of there in the first place.  The list of folks against whom, ultimately, I got tired of defending myself is no secret to folks who were on the Ooze in the midsection of our decade.  Some were ex-evangelical liberals, some were overly aggressive Calvinists, some were academy-bashers, others evangelical-bashers (and some both of the last two).  And yet I occasionally, when I tire of grading papers, poke my head in over there and see what folks have to say lately about the evil of college teachers, the latest screed about how stupid “IC” Christians are, the latest (blatantly illiterate) accusations about “postmodernism.”

Why do I keep doing it?

I suppose on some level I used to consider myself part of that community, and perhaps I secretly hope it’s changed for the better to an extent that I could do some good there again.  Or perhaps I wish, stupidly, that Internet bullies eventually shape up.  Or perhaps I just need to grade the next paper.

At any rate, I seldom regret that I’ve given up the Ooze boards and message boards in general and thrown in with the CRM crew on one hand and the ex-Ooze pomos on the other.  (If you want to see what those two groups are doing, click the links under “group blogs” to the left.)  Both groups know that I’ve got my own projects (who doesn’t?), that among the Conservative Reformed I’m going to be their token anti-capitalist and that among the Emergers I’m going to tend towards traditionalism.  But there’s seldom an occasion in which they make a point of tearing down one of their own just for the sake of looking tough.  Where we disagree, those folks know how to keep it human.

And keep it real.  (That one was for you, Jonathan.)



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3 responses to “Why do I still Ooze-lurk?

  1. Jonathan

    Ha! Thanks for the shoutout, Token. 🙂

  2. Yeah. I don’t know why I went on that angst-fest. I think it was fallout from grading papers–it does damage to one’s psyche!

  3. linda

    yeah, i am about ready to throw in the towel again. the conversation there is just weird. fewer and fewer of the older, more solid people even hang around so it’s all anti-ic all the time and gnostic gnon-sense.

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