Level 14 Bard

Arden: The World of William Shakespeare

Almost thou convincest me to be an online gamer.

I had read about this project, I believe in WIRED magazine, and Mary is taking a technology in education class for her Master’s degree work, so I figured I’d poke around until I found it, and here it is.  The original version, designed as it was for Shakespeare geeks, probably only attracted those folks who already watch The Tudors and own at least one Shakespeare action figure.  (Don’t hate the messenger–if you’re one of these people, we still love you.)  The new version has NPC’s with names from Richard III but other than that plays like a D&D online game.  And such is the lovely world of video games and another reason that Neil Postman is probably right about combining education and entertainment.

I still would play if I had the hours.  The fact that somebody got a grant for this makes me laugh first, then growl in jealousy…  Of course, given that there’s not a single English grad student on the staff makes me realize, once again, that teaching English in an actual college classroom is probably still in the cards for me.


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