Into the Republic

I’ve already stepped into character and become Socrates at least once per class, which means I’m going to have some fun this semester.  With one group I answered their objections that idealism, as a philosophy, is useless and their further objection that Socrates assumes that nobody is selfish.  With the other I went after democracy (why they started in on that so early I’m not sure), performing a version of my anti-democracy rant that both classes, I’m sure, will see in all its glory before we’re done reading this book.  And I did so, in both cases, with long strings of questions punctuated by observations that bordered on declarations of their surrender.  It’s good to be Socrates. 🙂

Now I’ve got to grade some papers.  The first twenty-five or so have been pretty good, and I don’t anticipate too many clunkers in the second half.  Paper two, after all, is when the fur starts flying.


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