Out of my League

I’ve been listening to the podcasts from Reclaiming the Mind and Scriptorium Daily lately, and although they’re a bit elephantish for my taste, nonetheless they both produce some pretty intelligent material, and I don’t hesitate to download the latest cast from either.

Since Scriptorium’s latest couple podcasts mentioned godblogcon, a convention for Christian bloggers, I figured I’d look at the site.  I don’t plan on attending, but I figured I’d see what it’s all about.  After all, I’m averaging an impressive 25-40 hits per day lately, and I figured I might see what stepping up to The Show might entail.

The answer is a conference registration fee of more than a hundred bucks.

And so I return to my pursuit of my Ph.D and college teaching career, realizing again that I’m not even a significant niche market player in this game.  Blogger-for-extra-money goes on the shelf next to amateur standup comic, weekly columnist, and podcaster as things that I might try at some point but right now can’t engage in responsibly, given the projects that people are expecting me to work on day to day.

That’s alright; it gets me focused again on cranking that dissertation out and making myself some school’s ideal English professor.


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