Dawgs who Think

I just wanted to commend to my readers a new project that some Christian undergrads here at UGA (some my former students) and I have started, Dawgs who Think, a blog that four of us (so far) are producing in conjunction with a monthly book-and-lunch group here in Athens. Right now the plan is to use the site as a place where we can interrogate the ideologies and other interesting happenings in UGA’s classrooms and elsewhere in the common life of state university students.  I don’t know if it’ll get any bigger or not, but here’s hoping.  It’s still a fledgling project, but I do hope that it turns out to be a genuinely good resource for Christian college students here and elsewhere.

I will say, since some of my current students are reading, that my inclination is to ask you to wait until this semester’s up if you want to join up.  I’d be glad to have you, but my gut tells me that having the same person in class and on an online project team at the same time might be a bad idea.  But when December rolls around, by all means you’re welcome.

[update 9/13: We’re trying on the name “Dawg Cogitans,” mainly because Latin blog names just sound smart.  It might change again; who knows?]


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