And the Job Listings Come Rolling In…

After seeing maybe a job a day posted on the main job search sites since February or so, fifteen hit the Chronicle this morning.  Since I’m not all that far along on the dissertation, I’m only likely to apply to three or four (so far), but it’s nice to see that some job listings are actually grooved for what I do.  There are schools out there who want professors who teach old books!  Woo hoo!

I’m not holding my breath on any of it, and most of the gigs would require that I do the supernatural and defend the dissertation within the next twelve months, but it gives me hope that, a year from now, when I’m in a stronger position, these sorts of things might be availaible.

On the other hand, it might be enough to inspire the supernatural.



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2 responses to “And the Job Listings Come Rolling In…

  1. Are there any front runners?? Ones that really caught your eye… Something that would inspire the supernatural…

  2. Actually, both of the “dream job” listings I’ve got in mind are in the Chicago area. One I’ve already told you about; the other is a four-year, living wage fellowship at the University of Chicago teaching what amounts to Milligan-style Humanities to the brainy little boogers there. Both require a finished Ph.D by August 2009. I’ve got about forty pages of a draft right now, so I’d have to haul some donkey to qualify for either of ’em.

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