Why I’m Still on Ralph Nader’s Email List

As Jonathan (one of my most regular readers and one of the people whom I ask questions about federal elections when occasionally I think about them) noted on a previous post, many of the policies that set Ralph Nader apart from the two major-faction candidates in 2004 have been taken up by Obama’s campaign.  Unlike 2004, when both candidates wanted to perpetuate No Child Left Behind, the Iraq occupation, and a number of other typically Republican policies, this time around one of the major-faction candidates seems to have the sense to present an alternative to them.

So why haven’t I cancelled my subscription to Nader’s emails (given that I don’t receive Obama’s or McCain’s or Barr’s)?  Entertainment.

Without sensible alternatives to propose (Obama has taken over most of them), Nader, still intent on running, has decided to propose some head-scratchers, stuff that Obama hasn’t proposed but don’t have much else going for them.  To be fair, they might be good policies in their own right, but they’re just not on the radar the way his policy proposals were in 2004.  Among the proposals that I’ve gotten in the Nader/Gonzalez 2008 emails:

  • mandatory conscription of congressmen’s and Senators’ children into the infantry immediately upon the beginning of any war
  • arresting and trying on criminal charges Bush and Cheney immediately after they’ve stepped down
  • taxing radio stations for their use of FCC-regulated airwaves (aimed, of course, at AM radio)
  • initiating an investigation into NBA referees for fixing games for the sake of TV ratings (oops–that one actually happened)
  • reducing the voting age to 16

How could one not love this stuff?  Whereas most mass emails make me cringe even if I do open them, I know that any given Nader campaign message could be the next nugget of comedy gold.



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5 responses to “Why I’m Still on Ralph Nader’s Email List

  1. I see that a religious nut’s idea of humor isn’t.

  2. Yeah, I figured I’d get some wrath from folks who are still Nader’s Raiders. So be it.

    I’ll have to keep this in my mental inventory of times people have called me a religious nut, though, so that I can recall it the next time someone calls me a godless Leftist.

  3. Jonathan


  4. Laugh it up, fuzz ball.

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