Dead Battery

On my way home today, my mp3 player’s battery died on me.  (The gauge on the thing is really the only thing I don’t like–it’ll register “almost full” for hours, then dive from halfway to empty in twenty minutes.)  So after the city bus dropped me on the outskirts of Athens, I listened to ten minutes of AM radio on my way back to Statham.  After nearly a month without any Limbaugh or Hannity in my ear, the stuff is almost impossible to listen to.

And strangely enough, though I don’t think of myself as Republican or Democrat (I’ve voted for both in the last few election cycles, as well as some third parties), just ten minutes of Rush Limbaugh made me feel strangely supportive of Barack Obama.  I suppose that’s the Socrates coming out of me again–when I’m in the presence (via radio or otherwise) of a real windbag, my instincts tell me to poke holes in it.  I imagine I’ll feel similar instincts the next time I’m in the presence of a real Leftist ideologue (though, to be honest, I don’t know that many of ’em).  I just like to think of myself as something of a Socrates.

I’m vain that way.



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17 responses to “Dead Battery

  1. Jonathan

    Well, we’ve got to fix that. Quick, turn on MSNBC or Air America!

  2. Air America I’ve never actually heard, save one time I streamed it, and as per usual, I only had time to listen long enough to verify its existence. I live in Georgia, remember? Where the second most prominent Democrat is Zell Miller. How likely to you imagine it that Air America is going to get any airwaves down here?

    And as far as MSNBC goes, I don’t watch much TV in my own house, and down here in GA, every television screen in every public place is tuned to Fox News. I do remember seeing some MSNBC once, and that Scarborough fellow didn’t seem all that left-wing.

  3. MSNBC is only fun when they’re fighting, which is to say that MSNBC is fun all the time.

  4. Hey, I’ve got a dissertation to write, two jobs, and a three-year-old. Pardon me for not watching much TV! 😉

  5. Jonathan

    Joe Scarborough is the only conservative at MSNBC. Pat Buchanan is there but he doesn’t have a show…he’s just an analyst. There prime shows are Chris Matthews, Keith Olbermann, and Rachel Maddow. Pretty crazy. I kept flipping to them during the Dem. Convention…and I kid you not, they are waaaaay more biased than Fox News Channel. It’s not even close.

  6. Jonathan

    Ughhh…sorry for the typos.

  7. No worries. And I think I’ll pass on the television and the AM radio. I’ve replaced my AAA battery, and I’m back to listening to Introduction to Astronomy. 🙂

  8. Jonathan

    Now that sounds exciting! 😛

  9. amberpeace

    No, what’s fun to do right now is to go to the Sarah Palin wikipedia entry. Read it; hit refresh. Read it; hit refresh. See how many new things are there and how many have been removed. You can do this for about 30 minutes of continuous entertainment. It swings from Sarah Is Our Savior, to Die Witch Die.

    Personally, I am fairly attractive, can shoot a .28 with precision AND own a large fur coat. I’m offended I wasn’t picked.

  10. Jonathan

    Yeah, I remember last week when Biden was picked. Whole selections were removed from his wiki entry. Not sure why though. Don’t be offended about not being picked. If you ever become governor of a state then you might have a shot.

  11. Hey, I never got around to taking astronomy when I was an undergrad (a hundred years ago). Once I’m done with that class (I listen to about a lecture every other day, between running errands and riding the bus), I’ve got “Physics for Future Presidents” downloaded. When that’s done, I’ll likely download an econ course.

    I think it’s great; all the stuff I should have taken back in college is right there for the listening, and I get to hear it from Berkley profs without paying Berkley tuition!

    With regards to wikipedia and fur coats, I’ll leave it to you election-watchers; I’m more concerned with Queen Elizabeth I right now. 🙂

  12. Jonathan

    Nate, may ask where you are finding those podcasts?

  13. Jonathan

    Also…just wanted to point this out. I see that you have a link to ‘Feminists for Life’ on the side. Sarah Palin is a FFL member. Just throwing that out there. 🙂

  14. A good source for educational podcasts in general is Learn Out Loud. The Berkley course directory has all of its podcasted courses and links to online syllabi in case the course makes extensive reference to the day’s reading. (I tried to listen to a course on Heidegger, but I’m going to have to put that one off until I have time to read Heidegger along with the course.) The semester selector is in the upper-right corner of that page; I haven’t tried any courses-in-progress, preferring to download a whole course at a time from previous semesters. They cast a broader range of courses each semester, so as one goes backwards semester by semester, the selection gets slimmer.

    And I got the email from FFL regarding Palin. As I’ve said before, if I detect that there’s going to be a change from the last thirty or so years of Republican activity, that they’re going to put some of their energy into that cause, I might be convinced. Right now it looks like the order of the day is going to continue to be propping up corporations that leave their workers high and dry while the ownership makes out like bandits, a continuation of neocon foreign policy, and no major changes to failed federal education policy. No mention, at least not from the candidate himself, about a Constitutional amendment banning abortion. I suppose the next couple months will or will not convince me.

  15. Jonathan

    Thanks for the info. That is actually a really great idea. I’m going to see if I can find any good poli sci classes to download.

  16. Jonathan

    I just checked out the Learning Out Loud website. Thanks so much for telling me about it. Great stuff!

  17. Aren’t you sorry now for making fun of me?

    “that sounds exciting…” Why, I ought to…


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