Euthyphro in Fast Forward and Other Notes

I overplanned for today.  I put into my lesson plan a 20-minute lecture on clause structure and the grammatical concept of agreement; a lengthy get-to-know-each-other activity now that final rosters are set; and a discussion of (Platonic) dialectic reasoning in the context of Euthyphro.  That’s just too much stuff for seventy-five minutes.  I don’t think I’ll run into the same obstacle too often this semester, but I will have to be careful.  I treated the dialectic structure fairly well, but neither section got a good treatment of the content of the dialogue.

I tried out the Middlebrow podcast from Scriptorium Daily, and although I’m not nearly as enthusiastic as the Biola boys about Capitalism and the Republican party, the podcast is a fun little trip for educated listeners.  I hope they make more of ’em.

I met with Dr. Teague today and feel pretty good about proceeding with the dissertation that I proposed.  The experience of writing a thirteen-page book review of a book that doesn’t yet exist was an interesting one, but now I’m starting to think that such a book should exist and that I might be the one to write it.  Perhaps that’s the aim of a prospectus.

Tomorrow I imagine Mary will have me drive her to work.  It doesn’t look like things are going to dry out enough that I can work outside at Fort Yargo, but I suppose Dacula Public Library isn’t all bad.


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