No Sermon Next Sunday

Marv emailed yesterday to let me know that he couldn’t make the wedding that he was going to be out of town for, so I suppose I’ll have to wait to preach Exodus 3.  He did say that he’d be out of town at least once more before the year’s out, so I will have another opportunity to exercise that part of my brain.

My first week of being an ABD writer/teacher was pretty good.  I know now that I can tolerate the solitude, though I did fiddle around more than I should have.  I’ll chalk that up to adjusting from the summer: whereas before, when I wasn’t working at the library, Micah laid claim on the remaining hours, now I’ve got hours to dedicate to what I would.  And I didn’t always handle that well this week.  But knowing about that, I do think that I can gradually get myself back into the groove and establish a good, teaching/writing/research rhythm for the rest of the semester.

Once we start actually reading Plato (which is to say Tuesday), I should have some more substantive posts here as I write about teaching philosophy and my philosophy of teaching and other such things.  I hope these last few days’ rather bland posts haven’t chased too many people off.


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