A Hurried Day

It always happens thus: if I overplan for half a period, the instructor taking up the other half runs long.  If I underplan, the other instructor runs short.

Today I overplanned.

So by the time my classes got back to their respective classrooms, I had to fly through an introduction to Socrates, a re-introduction and Q&A session about the first paper assignment, and some housekeeping announcements.  I let both classes out with no time left on the clock.

I read back over “Euthyphro” for Tuesday’s class while I ate a sandwich for lunch today, and I think I’ve made a good choice–when we dig into the trial of Socrates itself, I won’t have simultaneously to teach a lesson on how to read Plato.  I can get that out of the way beforehand and get to talk about polytheism, theocracy, and secularism as I go.  Then next Thursday I’m going to teach “Apology” and “Crito;” do a brief lecture on clauses, agents, and actions; and talk about clause-structure and agreement errors.  Oh, and I should do a second EMMA demo so that they can see it done again.

Seventy-five minutes fill up fast, methinks.


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