Middle of the Pack

The Key

It’s probably a symptom of my own vanity, but I do enjoy looking at myself through my students’ eyes.  That means going on ratemyprofessors.com, reading their customer satisfaction surveys each semester, and here at UGA, looking at the Key.  The Student Government Association figured out that teachers’ records are public domain, and so they request composite grade numbers each semester and make a web tool of it.  Students can look at potential teachers’ grades from the past several semesters, and I suppose some of them make their decisions on which classes to take accordingly.

I’ve always been able to tell my students that I’m about the middle of the pack with regards to grades, and the claim bears out over the last four years.  I’m neither a backbreaker who fails a third of the class nor Santa Claus who assigns twenty A’s to forty students.  My grades each semester span A’s through C’s, with a couple D’s (usually because the little boogers just didn’t turn in their papers) and F’s (because they didn’t turn in ANY papers).  I figure that’s about right for a required, introductory course–those with ability and a work ethic can rise to the A range, those who are still getting their legs under them can get away with a C, and most folks don’t end up gaining or losing any ground in their scramble to retain their HOPE scholarships.

Tomorrow the next journey through Plato begins.  I’m ready.


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