I turned on the Olympics so that I could watch some track and field while Mary finishes up her lesson plans for tomorrow, and at the first commercial break, there were two political ads, one apiece for McCain and Obama.  Has Georgia become a swing state while I was in my cave studying for comps?



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6 responses to “Wha…

  1. Jonathan

    Ha! I guess Obama must’ve been in the mood to waste some of his cash.

  2. Well, he pulled McCain into the arms race, so I suppose it had some effect. I was just shocked to see it–I never did see any Bush or Kerry commercials until Mary and I visited her parents in Pennsylvania.

  3. Jonathan

    Yeah, it’s funny. Recently, I’ve been seeing a lot more McCain ads than Obama ads up here.

  4. I’ve not been watching enough TV to tell either way; I was just shocked to see presidential election ads in the South. I saw almost none in 2000 or 2004.

  5. Jonathan

    My guess is that both of our states may end up being closer than usual but in the end they’ll each end up with the usual results.

  6. I concur with your prognostication.

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