Some Thoughts in the Morning

Okay, so there was no second, substantive post yesterday.  I apologize.

There are now five days until another teaching semester rolls out, and I’m feeling pretty good about things.  Several of my students have signed up on EMMA, and everyone (because I added them) is in the WebCT course.  Our EMMA orientation is actually during drop/add, so I won’t lose much as far as substantive class time goes.  And I got all the lab days I requested, so we’ll be able to revise papers as we talk about ’em.  And to top everything off, there appear to be plenty of copies of my textbooks in UGA’s bookstore.

Now I can turn my attention to my own research projects, those endeavors that will take the place of comps and classes this year.  I’ve already spent a few days in solitude, cranking away on such projects, and I know I can do it.  Now I’ve just got to keep doing it.  Ph.D, here I come!


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