Top Ten on Facebook

Not overall (after all, I post neither mp3 files nor gadget news–at least not that much gadget news), but I have now tied for the tenth-most-popular philosophy blog on Facebook.  If you have a Facebook account and like to read here, why not give the link to the left there a quick click?

Thank you to all of you who already have.

I ought to have a substantive post going by this afternoon; being the vain and silly critter that I am, I was just pleased to see that I’d cracked the top ten.  And I’m still number one in college teaching!  (I hope nobody gets wise and jumps into that list with me…)

Also, since I’m just goofing around, I checked my usage stats this morning, and my post about Sopranos and Battlestar Galactica is on pace to be one of the blog’s most popular posts ever.  Just goes to show that tapping into multiple demographics draws the Google hits.  I’m going to resist speculating what pair of markets would draw the most readers…


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