Johnson City Road Trip

Mary and I took off yesterday morning for lovely Johnson City, Tennessee, and tonight we’re at the close of two good days together.  We’ve seen Paul (briefly), Emily, and John Helphinstine, who graciously allowed us to stay with them, and today we spent the afternoon with Dave, Brooke, and Carloine Peccia.  Along the way we’ve hit some of our favorite East Tennessee eating spots–Poor Richard’s, The Red Pig, Misaki’s, Pal’s, and probably The Firehouse tomorrow–and caught an Elizabethton Twins game last night.

Tomorrow we’re going to Milligan and ESR to visit some folks and talk to them about being ABD and searching for jobs and such.  My professors at UGA have been extremely helpful, but I would like to hear from some folks in smaller settings–mainly to hear what they advise with regards to landing in a place like Milligan (or which is Milligan).  Then, after lunch, back to Athens.

The mountains look great, and there’s no accent like an East Tennessee accent.  (Sorry, Georgia, but you just don’t measure up.)  A week and a half until another school year starts–and a job hunt.


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