Feeling Good about Things

I’ve got the first batch of books together for dissertation research, and I’m a chapter into the first one.  I meet with Dr. Teague about the prospectus next week.

I’ve got course descriptions for my fall classes online, and I’m ready to send out the introductory email to the kids who unwittingly signed up for a Plato and Boethius class.  Plato’s Republic remains my favorite book to teach to freshmen, and I’m looking forward to digging into it again this August.

I’ve got 200 free books and counting loaded on my Sony Reader, and I’m over halfway through Izaak Walton’s The Compleat Angler. (BTW, the reviews were right–it reads, inside and outside, as well as or better than paper–no screen fatigue!)  I’m going to have a basically unlimited source of good books everywhere I go until I wear this little device out.

Mary and I have the classroom and the lessons ready for VBS.

I’ve got a rudimentary outline done for filling the pulpit in WV on June 8.

Overall, other than this cold that just won’t go away, I’m having quite a good post-comps week.


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