The Stupidity of Political Pundits

State’s Decline the Result of… blah blah blah

I’ll admit that at times I’ve thought this kind of moronic assertion was proper only to Republican pundits, but once again I’m reminded that schoolteachers can be punching bags for whatever pundit who doesn’t have his boy in office.  To reiterate what I wrote a few days ago, this group of sixth graders passed their tests last year and the year before.  The groups of sixth graders that came before them and before that passed.  The teachers have largely stayed the same.  The one variable that has changed is the “standardized” test that the idiot politicians in Atlanta sent down the pipeline.

The problem is with the instrument.

But then, disavowing the regime of irrelevant testing itself doesn’t get one’s boy into office, does it?  Unless, of course, one wanted to cout the votes of every competent schoolteacher in America.

Candidates, are you listening?  No, I didn’t think so.


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