T Minus Ninety Minutes

The last written exam will come down the pipe in an hour and a half. Of the three exams, this one covers the field with which I’m most familiar, but it’s a MASSIVE field. My longtime readers (both of you) might remember that, back in October, the English department made me double a roughly 5000-page reading list. I did, and I read almost all of it, but by necessity I read it faster than one ought to read theology and philosophy. So this morning I find out whether I read it carefully enough to convince Dr. Medine.

Theology and Literature, here we come!

[Update: It’s now ten after eleven, and I haven’t started.  Dr. Medine sent the wrong document entirely (as in not anything even similar to an exam of any kind), Dr. Medine was running late and thus didn’t stop by her office before going to her 9-noon class, and the folks in the religion department office won’t interrupt her class to give her my message.  So here I am with no exam to take.]


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  1. There’s nothing more annoying than the little unexpected breaks in your rhythm. So frustrating.

    I guarantee Teague was chuckling to herself when she wrote a Theology and Lit question for you . . . .

    Almost done!

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