Only Waiting Left

Perhaps appropriately, I’ve just written my last comprehensive written exam at a small table at Panera Bread in Athens.  When ten o’clock came and went with no exam questions, I decided to take matters into my own hands and drive in to campus and get Dr. Medine’s questions.  Of course, as things tend to go, just as I was driving through a cell phone dead zone, Dr. Medine called my cell phone and left a voice mail.  When the voice mail beeped and I checked it (with a cop driving behind me), I looked for the nearest WiFi provider.  Panera.

So, for the last three hours, I’ve sat in a corner through lunch rush, plugging away at three questions on theology and literature and producing my longest exam, fifteen and a half pages in three hours.  Now Melanie will forward the three documents to the committee, they’ll read them, and some time between now and next Tuesday, I’ll find out whether or not I’ll be taking oral exams that afternoon.  Now’s the time for waiting.

But right now I need to finish up some recommendation paperwork for a former student.  Then I need to stop in at the registrar’s office and fill out a change of grade form for a student whose scores I entered improperly.  Then I need to return some library books.  Then…


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  1. vaindeludingjoys

    Then, you need to do whatever it is you do instead of having a beer. Like I would.

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