Delayed Kudos to the Standard

Bob Hull’s “Can we Talk?”

With my mind consumed with comps this week, I didn’t take the time earlier this week to point my readers (I love both of ya!) to this good little piece by my beloved Greek professor Dr. Hull.  Perhaps it resonates so much because I tried to take on similar concerns in my little piece on the, “Suspicion and Sisterhood.” But I have to concede that Dr. Hull is still the master and I the Padawan when it comes to humbly and elegantly putting the exhortation into words.  Especially well put was this reflection on winning arguments:

Cultivate a spirit of humility. Perhaps I should have called this section “a proposal for modesty,” rather than “a modest proposal.” The only people who know in detail what’s wrong with the world and how to fix it are talk show hosts, and every one I have ever listened to has an ego the size of Mount Everest. I have a big ego, too, but I don’t regard that as a virtue, but as a fault. If the drive to win the argument (or prevail in the discussion) outweighs the desire to learn, to understand, to grow in grace and knowledge, I will never acquire the spiritual fruit of humility.

Such, as the rest of the article points out, is not to say that all viewpoints are in the end equal; it’s just an exhortation to get to the end before passing judgment.  Once again I find myself putting on my “What Would Socrates Do” bracelet.


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