Full Study Days Over

I can do this.

I’ve still got the lingering paranoia that I’m going to get a long essay on entirely unfamiliar material, but I’m pretty sure that’s just paranoia.  I’m working all day today at Bogart Library, but I’m taking along my big monster 17th-century poetry anthology to review between patrons.  Monday is my Renaissance poetry and prose exam, then Renaissance drama Wednesday, and theology and lit on Thursday.

I can do this.

Tomorrow I’m off, but I’ll have Micah while Mary writes a paper for her grad work, and Sunday I’ve already told her that when Micah’s bedtime rolls around, I’m going to make myself scarce for a few hours.  Then early to rise Monday for last-minute review before the questions show up in my inbox at 9:00.

I can do this.

I also just now printed out a translation of Milton’s Second Defense of the English People, a treatise that seems important in the scholarship.  I’ve read all four divorce treatises, both regicide tracts, and most of his other famous prose pieces.  I’ve reviewed Spenser’s work and read Sidney’s.  Today I’m going to brush up on those poets in between.  Monday I see whether I really know it.  Three days left.

I can do this.


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3 responses to “Full Study Days Over

  1. You can do it!!! You can do it!!! You can do it!!! You can do it!!!

  2. You’re going to do so well that you’re going to be embarrassed that you were afraid you wouldn’t.

  3. Thousands of people have done this, most of them much less capable and prepared than you.


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