Christmas, Easter, and Mother’s Day?

I don’t know whether anyone has run numbers on this question (or if I’d read them if anybody did), but I get the impression that, for a few more years at least, Mother’s Day might be a rival to Easter and Christmas for infrequent churchgoing.  I know that every congregation I’ve been a part of for the last twelve years or so has swelled on the Sunday when WWII-generations’ and silent-majority Baby Boomers’ children come, often bringing their own children to “go to church with Mama.”  (I’ve lived in the South for the last thirteen years.)  I suppose, given that I’ve been part mainly of small congregations, that such a phenomenon might be the megachurch movement in reverse–for one Sunday, people leave the giants in favor of the small congregation, creating a false sense that Christianity is on the rise, provided one only looks at small congregations and ignores the one-week decline of the megachurch.  But I still think that I might start referring to Chreastermama Christians at some point.


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