Stress turns me into Santa Claus

I just uploaded semester grades, and I dread my enrollment come Fall semester. Word’s going to get out that I’ve gone soft. I think I’m just being merciful on the hope that comps will be merciful to me. Of course, I know full well that I’m still going to get a host of emails from students complaining about their grades.

I just can’t win.



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2 responses to “Stress turns me into Santa Claus

  1. Jonathan

    lol I’ve often wondered how taking one of your classes would be like. I imagine that they’d be difficult and and would push me. (Would probably cause me to put in more effort than I’d like…that’s not a bad thing though). I’ll readily admit that I didn’t/don’t put forth my best effort in school. If I did then I’d probably have a pretty kick ass GPA right now…oh well.

  2. I don’t think my classes are difficult in the sense that I require more hours than most; I just distribute those hours differently. Instead of making my comp students write daily journals I estimate how long a daily journal takes and assign that much more reading each class period. I tell ’em that I’m interested in their using their hours on their papers, not on daily thoughts. (The ones inclined to write daily thoughts already have blogs anyway.)

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