Milton Day

Mary wasn’t feeling great this morning, so I drove her to work, and thus I am studying today at Dacula Public Library.  I figured I’d take along Milton, just to brush up, and the morning has been great.  I reread books three and four of Paradise Lost (I feel entirely confident on my familiarity with books one and two), then “L’Allegro” and “Il Penseroso,” and then “A Mask,” and now I’m about to take on “Lycidas” before returning to PL to hit some of the books with which I’m less familiar.  (I’m not worried about books 9-12 of the 12-book version; it’s the midsection that I sometimes forget.)  I’ve written enough papers on Paradise Regained that I’m not worried about that at all, but I will likely revisit Samson Agonistes.  Yes, this does mean that my timeline gets put off yet another day.  So it goes.

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  1. I signed up for that Milton class, Nathan. Maybe Vance (and the challenging comments you will surely leave on my Milton posts) will sell me on him.

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