One Aim, and a few thoughts

I’ve now got all my grades in the computer save one, and I’m waiting for a student’s response. (The student should have shown some initiative and checked the student’s grades and realized that student didn’t have a grade for a certain assignment, but I’m feeling merciful.) At any rate, grading is done, and the semester’s over, so for eleven days, I’m a comps-studying machine.

I’m working my way through some of the essays in the Cambridge Companion to English Poetry: Donne to Marvell today, and Jessica Walker, a friend and colleague who took comps a little over a year ago, was right that the series is quite helpful. Tomorrow I’m going to get all my books of plays in one place and start making a study guide for the major characters, tropes, and other such literary things in all the plays I’ve read. Then I’ll finally have a definitive count of the Renaissance plays I’ve read over the last three years.

I got an email from Marv, our preacher, today, and he says he’s feeling much better and will be back in the pulpit this Sunday. I’m sure the congregation will be glad to be rid of me. It’s been fun preaching some, but I don’t know that I want to be writing more sermons as exams get closer.

Finally, I’ve now got $200 in Borders credit saved up (I pay for all our groceries and gas and restaurant meals with it, and those purchases get double points. And I pay it all off at the beginning of every month, so no worries there), and I’ve got a few shekels in my pocket from the last few weeks’ pulpit fees, so Mary said that once my last Borders gift card comes in the mail, I can get my Sony Reader. As you can see in the left column, I’ve already got a collection of free ebook sites ready to start browsing, and a couple of the links in the “free web reads” column also provide files compatible with the Sony. (Gutenberg and OLL both offer Reader-compatible free downloads, and OLL has all kinds of good old books that I haven’t found on the other sites.) Beyond that, with my last printer ink purchase I got a 2GB memory card, so about the time comps are wrapping up, I’m going to start my latest experiment with digital geekdom.


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