Another Sermon Preached

I’ve now preached as many sermons in a month and a half as I did at Bogart Christian in two years.  That’s neither to say that Bogart was stingy nor that Athens Christian is needy; Marv’s car wreck and the ensuing complications have everything to do with what’s going on.

At any rate, the sermon went well, though I had forgotten that it was children’s service week, so I wrote a sermon on the mystical and trinitarian implications of John 17, then realized that I was about to deliver it to, among other people, a sanctuary full of 5-10-year-olds.  My mind reeled as I read that in the morning’s announcements, but there  was really nothing I could do to take the edge off the sermon.  Ah, well.  They still filled in the bulletin outline faithfully and got their Skittles at the end.

I did receive a number of compliments on the sermon afterwards, especially from those who attended Christian colleges of one sort or another.  It seems that they enjoyed a sermon that did some high-flying theology (or at least attempted to).

I’ve got about ten second round portfolios to go, and I’ll be done grading for the semester.  This afternoon is the job placement meeting at UGA’s English department, so I’ll be over there to pick up some more comps books for this week’s review.  Two weeks out from starting, I feel like I’m going to pass them.  I’ve just got to remember that when the oral exams start.  In retrospect I can always think of answers, and in writing I can always backtrack and rewrite, but in the moment, if I don’t have a page of notes with me, I’m an awfully slow thinker.


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