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Lee Snyder interview

If there’s an interview other than the one with Lee Snyder here, click on the last April 2008 interview.

As the editor informed me when I wrote an email thanking the magazine for interviewing a professor for their campus ministry issue, Lee Snyder died at 58 before the interview went to press.  Never having met the man, I’m still sad.

One can’t tell too much from an interview, but I get the impression that Dr. Snyder was, like my Milligan and Emmanuel professors and like some of my subsequent professors such as Jonathan “Dog Mess Jonny” Evans, the sort of quiet-but-public servant that I try to be in my own teaching and congregational service.  His answer about reminding students to keep what’s most important in front of them reminds me of what I try to do with my own students.  Perhaps being part of something as important Church is the common element: since we know that the academy is at its best a minister to rather than opponent of Church, although we might serve by challenging, we still always serve.


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