A Pedagogical Idea I Must Put into Text

I don’t know why I’ve never articulated it this way, but starting next year, when I assign asynchonous revision (i.e. having the students revise papers before class, in lieu of a reading assignment, and bring their comments to class to discuss), I’m going to suggest that they can approach the commenting process as they would approach an online discussion.  Some might not get it, but I imagine that enough would that I could increase the genuine exchange of ideas that I try to get going in peer revision.

I figure it’s got at least a chance of getting some of them beyond commas-and-spelling and the cliched overuse of “to flow” and its variants.



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2 responses to “A Pedagogical Idea I Must Put into Text

  1. Jonathan

    So how is school going? I’ve been studying all day for what I am hoping will be the last math test that I will ever have to take in my life. 🙂

  2. My teaching is over, and I’m done grading my class’s portfolios. Now I have to double-grade a colleague’s portfolios, tabulate my grades after my double-grades come back in, and submit all that good stuff to the registrar’s office.

    On the comps front, I posted before I saw this comment, so look at today’s (April 30th’s) post.

    Overall I’m actually feeling pretty good about things.

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