A Good Tom Tomorrow for a Change

Bad Apples

I haven’t posted links to too many Tom Tomorrow cartoons recently, because to be frank, they haven’t been all that great for a few months.  Frankly, his dealings with policy and politicians directly is ham-handed and not often entertaining.  But when he goes after the absurdity of 24-hour news culture, he’s at his best.

I have to admit that when I sat next to a Fox News monitor in a sandwich shop the other day (I don’t even call the televisions in restaurants televisions any more) and saw clips of Barack Obama bowling, I thought I was watching some kind of joke.  At least TMW got the joke.



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5 responses to “A Good Tom Tomorrow for a Change

  1. Jonathan

    Darn it! I still haven’t found a Tom Tomorrow that I thought was funny. I keep checking them out though in hopes that one of them will make me laugh.

    The Obama bowlig story was pretty funny. I didn’t hear much about it on Fox though…it was mostly on MSNBC. Every channel talked about it though.

    The writer of Tom Tomorrow is a little naive. He must be forgetting that we are in an election cycle. Of course, there is going to be all kinds of stories about the candidates. He also acts like the whole ‘rural people are bitter bigots’ was an insignificant thing that no one should pay attention too.

    The writer of Tom Tomorrow is too much like Bill Maher. He probably could be funny but his blatant bias and distortion of facts keeps him from actually getting there.

  2. Did Obama actually speak the sentence “rural people are bitter bigots”? I did a Lexis Nexis search, and… 😉

    I don’t think the cartoon targeted Fox News specifically; it seemed aimed at all the 24-hour news networks. Fox News is just all that one sees in public places in GA, and since I don’t watch much TV at home, that constitutes most of the TV news to which I’m exposed week to week. With regards to the 24-hour news networks in general, I do agree with TT that they sadly under-cover things like the Downing Street Memo and this latest development about government-approved torture while spending hours on stupid things like candidates’ bowling. Election cycles or not, there’s no excuse for that.

    I don’t think our impasse is coming to an end any time soon, J. Wizzle. You still can’t see the humor in Tom Tomorrow, and I’ve still neither heard nor read anything from Ann Coulter that’s true. I suppose William Blake might have been right.

    Oh, and for what it’s worth, though I have little taste at all for Libertarians, I do think that Bill Maher is quite funny sometimes. Of course, I also like Drew Carey and Dennis Miller as well, so my colleagues in the English department still sometimes suspect that I’m a Republican infiltrator. 😉

  3. Jonathan

    Obama didn’t say word for word what I said but that’s basically it. I don’t expect you to not vote for him just because of that but I wouldn’t defend the statement he made. It’s pretty ignorant. Could you imagine if McCain made such a broad-sweeping statement about inner-city people?

    Are you sure that Maher is a Libertarian? If he is, I never knew that. Also, if he is then he is a really bad one.

    Political comedians are hit or miss with me. For me to like them they need to be fair and at least know what they are talking about. Maher doesn’t fit that description, imo. He just says things that are so twisted and incorrect that I can’t get past that to let myself enjoy the humor that is supposedly there. I have a pretty good sense of humor too. I just don’t like it when people talk about things that they have no idea about.

    I like Dennis Miller too. Some people don’t get him because his jokes some times go above peoples heads, but I think he’s good. I also like the Colbert Report. He’s make fun of people of all political persuasions.

    I’ve become less and less of a fan of Coulter. However, regardless of whether one likes her or her style I would find it very difficult to not read at least something by her that is true. She is very smart and writes things that are true all of the time. I haven’t read one of her books for a long time but the one I did read wasn’t fiction.

  4. Jonathan

    And about William Blake…I had to look him up. Were you talking about his quote about you reading black where I read white?

  5. Blake actually wrote a whole mess of one-liners and some longer poems about perception and reality–it was one of his favorite philosophical problems. I’m not sure I had one in mind when I wrote that, but the one about reading black and white certainly works.

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